a philosophic and scientific concept denoting the existence of a fine substance (ponderable or imponderable) underlying the entirety of natural reality.

The very fabric of art can be influential in so many aspects of our lives, whether it's creating art for art's sake, cooking a meal, or decorating a home. But so many of us believe ourselves to be incapable of art, and lacking in creativity. The fault however, does not lie within; it is due to a system that believes art to be teachable in a manner similar to mathematics and science. (and this is not to say that mathematics and science can't be used to create art) The issue is that whereas mathematics and science generally have tangible topics, art is about what's in you.

And this is where the Aether Element exists. It is the embodiment of the philosophical thought of aesthetics. The question, what is beauty?

I created the Aether Element Concept as a way to encompass all that is my art, whether that be straight photography, digitally altered photographic imagery, writing, or anything future I may produce. Under "photographics" visitors will find my digitally altered work, imagery created from my photographs, intended to mimic both personal journeys and historic styles of art. The "stockyard" contains what is essentially my stock imagery; the best of my photographs from these travels home and abroad, from crowded city streets to the gleaming stars above. Under the "inscriptions" tab I have my writings of poems, thoughts, and experiences, along with the inspiring words of those much wiser than I.