emptiness by Jonathan Fiero

I watched them pass, in their soulless suits, all invariably chasing the same entity, embracing their existence as consumerist drones. For want is no different in items of luxury, be it that dreamed of penthouse, or an impractical, albeit marvelously crafted, automobile; or a new designer suit, two shades darker than the last, with another $3500 watch, this one, a band of silver instead of black. Luxury and greed are one in the same, or at least most certainly, two sides of the same coin. Not all consumerism is necessarily part of this greed, as entertainment and necessities are true parts of human need. To deny our progress would only lead to disease and famine at a level this world has never seen. Our TVs and phones, computers and the internet, cars, planes, trains, all contribute to unite this world. But unity can only exist with true harmony, and true harmony can only be found when everyone rejects the desire to have more at the expense of others.