Help Us Bernie-Wan, You're Our Only Hope... / by Jonathan Fiero

Let us be clear, Donald Trump is the problem, he has stated this himself during that circus, gameshow debate that Fox News put on. He can't even be honest with us with the fact that he's bald! I was taught that America was a fair and equal country for everyone, and that the immigrant life was one of hardship that we should all support. I am a white 32 year old male, and I only mention this so you as readers don't mistakenly assume this is coming from someone who feels oppressed. Quite honestly, I feel the opposite and very lucky for it, but I am aware of my fellow human's struggles and it has become clear that there is something each individual, each of us, can do about it. And just like any problem, the first step is admitting we have one. More and more citizens are recognizing our problems and so we must move on to step two, even if everyone isn't on board yet, and that is bringing issues to light in the way YOU feel YOU would be most successful in reaching others.  

The term 'melting pot' seems to have disappeared from the American peoples' vocabulary completely. Our communities have become fragmented into neighborhoods that don't welcome outsiders because we've all become so fearful of each others' beliefs. These beliefs are pandered to us by our archaic two party system leaders while they shove chemicals into our food and water, and tell our children that they all must learn the same things the same way. Then they continue to separate us with two-sided questions, are you pro or anti-abortion, are you for or against guns, do you think climate change is real or not, etc... And nearly all of these issues are presented through a polarizing split between the two parties.

This is where Independent politics comes in, because regardless of what you may think, we do need the government, it just needs to be returned to its rightful owners, us, the people. The idea that we don't need government is just as absurd as the idea that we need government controlling every aspect of our lives. If we had no government who would build and repair our roads, who would oversee that our food isn't contaminated with poisons or feces, who would ensure that you're not fired from work for a discriminatory reason? This list could go on and on... Our current issue is that our political system has become corrupt with greed and it no longer listens to the people. Our roads aren't being repaired and our food DOES have feces in it. This isn't caused by government, it's a lack of real government oversight, created by so many societal needs being auctioned out to the highest bidding private company. Our health and safety should not be cast out to the highest bidder. This is not an issue about the existence of government, it's an issue of outside corporate interests influencing the policies of our government. We constantly hear the opposing argument that corporations provide jobs, but what good is a job if it doesn't pay you enough to provide for your family? It is appalling that the CEOs of many companies make more in an hour than their employees make in a year. This lack of equality continues even in a time staggering profits, all while they poison you with products of greed and the chemicals in your food, then they have the audacity to try and sell you healthcare like it's a product. We must not allow them to proceed with this any further!

The thing is, everything isn't black and white, there are grey areas to these issues we face, as a country, and as a planet. It's not up to the United States to decide if climate change is real, just as it's not up to us if the Iran deal goes through. (If you don't understand why Iran hates the U.S., try reading a history book, or Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi, Anthony Bourdain and Rick Steves also have excellent insight with their Iran specials so find and watch those.) Sure our warmongering, oil loving leaders can throw some wrenches into our collective progress, but progress is inevitable. It is up to us how long this progress takes. If we all stand idly by and say the system is corrupt and there is nothing we can do then the progress will be excruciatingly slow. But if we all take a stand together, against our two party system, change will come swiftly.

Listen, I am not saying Bernie Sanders is definitely the answer, he very well could be a sheep in wolves' clothing, but his track record surely suggests otherwise. I am not going to list off his policies, as I feel it would be a waste of time, when you can just go to his website and research his policies and his history in full detail. One simple fact alone should tell everyone to consider this man and give him their support, or at the very least, their attention. His campaign funds have averaged $31.30 per donation with a total of $15.2 million. That is a lot of people, with obviously not much to give, that are supporting Senator Sanders. I keep hearing the corporate media bring his age into question, saying he is too old. He would be 75 when he takes the White House. Hilary would be 69, The Donald will be 70,  and for the sake of all the corporate media talk now, Joe Biden will be 74. So yes, he'd be the oldest, but not by very much. And if anything, his age should give you more reason to believe in what he says. He's old, what could he have to personally gain by taking on one of the most stressful jobs in the world. And further, his age might solidify a new election cycle for 2020, as he probably would not continue as the incumbent at 79. Fixing this country is simply #1 on Bernie's bucket list.

One thing we all need to remember is that Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat, and he certainly is not a Republican. He sits in the Senate as an Independent. His decision to run as a Democrat is purely political strategy because the two party system has monopolized and polarized our countries citizens and government. He isn't saying he can fix everything himself, he is saying WE need to fix this. So go on and continue blaming the immigrants for stealing your jobs, and the government for taking your freedom, but progress will win, and we need a political revolution for that to take hold now. A President Bernie Sanders may very well be the start we need for this revolution. True leaders don't tell people to follow them, they simply turn to find that others have followed.